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Addressing Challenges and Expanding Opportunity for Girls of Color

We believe
every girl deserves the best opportunity to achieve
her dreams, regardless of what zip code she is born in.

What Our Girls Are Up Against:
  • Girls of color drop out of high school at a higher rate, even those with disabilities.


  • They are suspended more often than girls of any other race or ethnicity.

  • Black girls with the darkest skin tones are three times more likely to be suspended than Black girls with the
    lightest skin.


  • Girls of color face higher rates of poverty and are paid less once they start working.


  • They are more likely to be committed to the juvenile justice system.


  • In addition to academic disenfranchisement, they suffer from sexual abuse and STD cases at alarming rates greater than their white or male counterparts.

  • For Black girls in particular, the mental health impacts of being a bystander to police violence (e.g. the killing of George Floyd) are far-reaching. Mental health professionals have noticed an increase in the severity of mental health conditions among Black girls who witness police violence, even through video.

  • In Philadelphia public schools, when students suffer traumas and seek guidance, the counselor’s office is often empty. The counselor-to-student ratio in Philadelphia is one of the worst in the country.



We know girls aren't getting the individual help they need. You can make a difference. 

Contribute to The Evoluer House and its mission of developing confident, productive, goal-achieving women. Serving Philadelphia and the country's inner-city girls between the ages of 13 and 18, we recently celebrated the graduation of the 3,000th girl from life-changing programs. All of our graduates finish high school on time and 100% have gone on to attend a four-year college or other institutions of higher learning.


But for every girl wanting to enroll in our life-changing program, two are waiting to get in.


By donating today, you are helping to empower, protect and save marginalized, unreached and vulnerable girls in Philadelphia and beyond when they face unprecedented challenges—financial instability, poor education, and violent neighborhoods. 


Make a tax-deductible donation to The Evoluer House today! Your donation will fund our programs and help ensure that girls have opportunities and experiences to thrive.

Our Research & Resources

The Unique Challenges Facing Girls of Color in the U.S.
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