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Meet Our Alum

We are proud to highlight here some of the Evoluer House Program Graduates since the mission was founded in 2004. Twenty years later, we are inspired by what they had to share about how Evoluer House has impacted their lives.



"'I am strong. I am confident. I am beautiful.'


To say those words is one thing, to believe them is another. True to its name, the Evoluer House has helped me evolve. It shaped me into a stronger student, a more efficient networker, and a humble yet confident young woman. I graduated from the Evoluer House with more than a new skill set, but a new mindset as well. As a graduate of Villanova University with a major in global studies and Arab and Islamic interdisciplinary studies, the tools and values Evoluer has instilled in me have only grown more apparent. And I am grateful to have been, and still be, an Evoluer Girl, as well as a 2019 Fulbright scholar."

Bachelor's Degree, Global Studies, Villanova University and 2019 Fulbright Scholar



"I would like to share exciting news that I have received a full scholarship to attend Spelman College in the fall. Thank you Evoluer House for giving me the opportunity to be a student and teacher assistant at your organization. My experience working with the director, the staff and young ladies at Evoluer has added value to my admission application, which allowed me to receive the Bonner Scholarship. I appreciate everything you have done for me and will continue to keep in touch to update you on my academic success."

Bachelor's Degree, Pre-Med, Spelman College



"The Evoluer House is truly groundbreaking in the work that it does. I graduated from the Evoluer House five years ago and still value the lessons and experiences I had during the summer I was involved with the organization. The Evoluer House engages with the community in a way unlike other local organizations and works to provide safe spaces, sisterhood, and community to underrepresented black girls in urban environments. With workshops on professionalism, self-love and self-care, building your brand, how to be the best version of self, and so many more, the Evoluer House works to strengthen and give young girls of color important life skills needed to succeed. The Evoluer House is an organization that I will definitely continue to support and hope others begin to do the same. Thank you for my amazing experience!"

George Washington University Class of 2024



"The Evoluer House has given me a gift…a very cherished endowment, which is confidence. The Evoluer House has given me something that can’t be bought or learned in a $40,000 a year school. It starts within. And The Evoluer House has ignited the flame of having self-confidence. A type of confidence that doesn’t depend on my surroundings or who is surrounding me. And I will never let that flame go dim."


Bachelor's Degree, Civil Engineering and Business Administration, Drexel University



"I graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Administration. I also maintained honor-roll status during my tenure at Stockton and served as treasurer of the Public Health Society. I plan to return to school in 2021 to earn her master’s degree in Health Administration.


Throughout my education, I think it would be impossible not to acknowledge The Evoluer House. By attending Evoluer House programs, I was able to obtain valuable lessons that I continue to benefit from today. From mock interviews and resume building to financial management and self-care. I was able to build my confidence, discover my girl-power and represent and understand what it means to display my brand."

Bachelor's Degree, Public Health, Stockton University




"Being involved in the Evoluer program reinforced the kind of woman I wanted to be; and I'm grateful for the many benefits the program provided. Amongst other things, I learned the importance of perseverance, networking and establishing a strong feminine presence. It's important to know how to navigate the world as a black woman and Evoluer House helped me build the confidence and professionalism to put myself out there. Since completing the program in 2012, I've earned my degree in Communications and started my own business in hospitality consulting. Currently, I work for a non-profit organization that supports the advancement of underserved communities and I thank Evoluer House for inspiring me to leave my positive mark on the world every day."



“In 2018, I had the opportunity to be part of this beautiful summer program. I learned to be confident, to be strong, and to develop skills that I never imagined I had. I came from Puerto Rico at the age of 13 because of hurricane Maria. I didn’t know the language, culture, or people in the United States; and that just made me anxious. However, at the Evoluer program graduation, I earned the Power Girl Award and Class Representative Award; which I couldn’t believe. One year later, my Workforce Development instructor (Ms. Eva Blackwell), and the Executive Director (Ms. Cheryl Wadlington) gave me the opportunity to be part of the staff as an instructor assistant. Not being a student made me see through the souls of each one of the girls. I could see how bad they wanted to have freedom to express themselves; and they were just in the right place! This whole journey made me realize the value of my voice and how many wonderful things I would be able to do in this world. I feel blessed that my mom found Evoluer House. It literally made me feel at home. I truly recommend it for all the Black, Brown, Latina, Asian, White, and any kind of girls out there.”

Temple University Class of 2025



"Finding The Evoluer House essentially was finding home, a home filled with love, admiration, care and most importantly sisterhood. The summer when I joined The Evoluer house will always be the most memorable and will hold so much gratitude within my heart. When I logged on, on the first day I had no idea what it meant to be an “Evoluer Girl.” However, by the time I ended the summer program I not only knew I am an Evoluer Girl but I learned who she is. An Evoluer girl is someone who holds confidence, power, and resilience. She doesn’t quit when life gets hard, she stands on her own two feet and fights for what she aspires in life. She empowers and inspires. Consistently I am grateful for having the opportunity of being a part of this program and I hope it continues to bring joy to other girls around the world the same way it was brought to me."


West Chester University Class of 2026



"The Evoluer Program entered my life the summer before I began high school. Prior to becoming an Evoluer girl, I had refrained from acknowledging my abilities. I knew I was smart, but I would never say I was smart. I had a constant fear of coming across as arrogant. What I didn't know then was that knowing and expressing my worth is not equivalent to boasting. Through the program and my peers, I learned to empower and know myself. Now I seek to uplift myself and others to recognize all that we are capable of."

Bachelor's Degree, Neuroscience and Public Health, New York University



“Of the many skills I learned from the Evoluer House, I cherish the confidence I developed. Before the Evoluer House I would doubt my abilities and not take risks. Since being at the Evoluer House I now take risks without second guessing myself. I believe I am an extraordinary individual and I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it. I love to sing and if it weren’t for the Evoluer House I would not have the audacity to acquire my dreams. In the future I aspire to be a famous singer and graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. The best of me is yet to come.”

Berklee College of Music Class of 2024



"I owe so much to the Evoluer program. Since graduating I’ve managed to vastly improve my grades and receive my best report card to date. I finally feel like I’m living life instead of life living me. From the time I was a child I’ve always had a vision of the person I would become. Future me is poised, educated, cultured, and most importantly knows how to carry herself in almost any situation. I’m not quite there yet but thanks to the Evoluer program my dreams have gone from shady mirages in the distance, to clear targets that I can aim for. Now instead of wondering aimlessly what to do with my future, I am attending Reading Area Community College in order to get my dual associates degree in nanoscience and mechatronics. After that I plan on transferring to the University at Albany to pursue my bachelors, and then my doctorates in nanoscience. Because of the Evoluer program I have made a plan for my future and I truly cannot ever hope to repay the great service the Evoluer program has done for me."



“I am 25 years old and I graduated from the Evoluer Program in August 2004. A graduate of Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, I majored in Political Science and minored in Sociology. If you can believe it, I had a GPA of 3.7 and graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors. I am also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority!​


The Evoluer House taught me how to be resourceful and how to network – the skills I learned will help me to succeed in the future as I pursue my career goals. I am currently pursuing my J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, because I would like to be an attorney, a judge, and a public servant. Evoluer House helped me realize that I can become anything I put my mind to."

Bachelor's Degree, Education, Lincoln University



"The term Evoluer in itself brought a lot to mind when I first heard of it. I thought to myself, “Does this mean that when I do get to attend this prestigious program that I will change?” My thoughts were made a reality when after eight weeks of this program, I had gained more confidence in myself, learned how to behave in an official or executive environment, and I was able to accept that black is beautiful and become more comfortable as a girl of color. Meeting people with diverse careers choices also had great impact on me. It made me ascertain what career path I want to follow. I am now pursuing my Bachelors of Science degree in business administration with a major in human resource management."

Rowan University Class of 2020



"The Evoluer Empowerment Workshop has been an amazing life-changing experience. It taught me self-esteem, confidence and even how to manage my money. I am going to use all the advice I received from our guest speakers as I pursue my career goals. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, and will always remember the quote my instructor said, 'Contacts, lead to contracts, that lead to checks that clear.' I will apply that in my professional life."

Bennett College Class of 2020



"The most valuable lesson I have taken away from the Evoluer Program is the importance of networking. In the corporate world it's not about what you know, but who you know. So networking is vital to achieving success in any field. During the program, I had the opportunity to connect with business women of various industries and fields. This privilege broadened my knowledge of exciting opportunities that are available to me and provided me new mentors with major connections.


The Evoluer program also influenced my academic achievements. I was awarded a full scholarship to Barnard College. Now that I understand the value of networking, I will take advantage of every chance I receive to connect with professionals in my field."

Bachelor's Degree, Barnard College



"When I started the Evoluer empowerment workshop, I was a shy and antisocial person. I didn't really see what the program could possibly do for me but years after completing the program, I've realized that it has had a very big impact on my life. I've learned how to enjoy being myself especially around others. I also learned a lot about my peers and that we all go through many similar hardships growing up.


Now that I've graduated college with a degree in journalism, I'm looking forward to landing my first full-time job, using what I learned to help guide me through the rest of my professional and personal life, and giving back to help empower other girls just like me all thanks to the Evoluer program."

Bachelor's Degree, Journalism, Temple University



"Being an Evoluer Girl means upholding the characteristics of confidence, assertiveness, poise, perseverance, style and strength. In all of my years of evolving into the woman I have become today; I have held true to that standard thanks to the Evoluer House. I take much joy in being one of the first Evoluer Girls to graduate from the program and go to accomplish my dreams. I have had the opportunity to become a fashion and bridal stylist and an event designer. I own my own company, The Unveiled Bride. Being a part of Evoluer House allowed me to go after what I love. My desire is to show my daughters and young girls around the world that what you desire can be accomplished through prayer, hard work and perseverance.”

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"With the Evoluer House helping me grow into the bold, outgoing young lady I am today, I am proud to say that I am an Evoluer Girl. The Evoluer House has improved my leadership skills, motivated me become a stronger student, and build my confidence. I have met lifelong friends, that I can truly say are my sisters."


West Chester University Class of 2025




"I am extremely lucky and grateful for being able to participate in the Evoluer House Program. During my time in the program, not only did I find comfort and acceptance, but a space where I could speak freely and confidently. I want to inspire other young black girls who look just like me and to tell them to never let other people's words control you. Being a part of such a supportive team of girls helped me be more comfortable in my own skin and wearing my natural hair. Working through this program has changed my life and how I carry myself as a young, talented, beautiful, and confident black woman."


Albright College Class of 2026



"Being an Evoluer Girl has really made a big change in my life. It helped me deal with some of my emotional challenges and to love myself for who I am. It has taught me how to do my best in everything I do and to land my dream job.


After attending the Evoluer House Workforce Development Program, I was able to obtain employment as a Teen Library Assistant at the local library where I assist children in grades K-12 with homework help, research and literacy projects. I wanted this job because I plan to attend Eastern University and major in Education. I think every teen girl should experience what I have experienced being a part of the Evoluer program. I'm very honored and proud to say that I am an Evoluer Girl!"

Bachelor's Degree, Education, Eastern University



"Being a part of the Evoluer program was one of the best choices that has been made on my behalf. I was taught so many things such as character development, how to be a lady, and to be social. Being around so many different but wonderful personalities made me want to be open and actually meet new people. As a result, I met many lifelong friends. I also learned the art of networking and how to go after my dreams and keep moving forward no matter what’s happening in my life. I learned how to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. Now I love myself unconditionally, and am excited about going to college this year to be around other strong individuals who look like me."

Alabama State University Class of 2025

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