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Our Leadership

Board Of Directors


Alexandria Leibowitz

Founder/CEO, Bōtage Beauty Ltd.

Girl Leadership Programs | The Evoluer House

India Mayo

Senior Associate, Risk and Regulatory Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Raising Powerful Girls | The Evoluer House

Nancy Gilliam


HMIS Content Development Specialist at the Office of Homeless Services


Marmia Day

Student, Nanoscience and Technology, Reading Area Community College


Suktika Mukhopadhyay


Chief of Staff, Information Security, Snap, Inc. (Snapchat)


Carla Showell-Lee

Director of Media Relations, Southeastern Pa. Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Girl Leadership Programs Near Me

Sheila Simmons

Chief of Communications and Strategies, City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families

Founder & Executive Director

L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth Cheryl Ann Wadlington

Cheryl Ann Wadlington


  • Kyndall Clark

  • Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier

  • Eva Blackwell, MASCL

  • Nydria Williams, MS


  • Adrianne Sanogo

Support Staff

  • Rita Dayton, Education and Outreach Coordinator

  • Rachelle Laynot, Program Manager

  • Daila Fundale, Research & Development Assistant

  • Sonya Beard, Director of Media Relations

  • Rayia Davis, Media Relations

  • Biile Yegeuz, Technical Support

  • Myla Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Tina Davis, M.S.Ed., Program Instructor

  • Eva Blackwell, MASCL., Program Instructor

  • Tracie Gilbert, PhD, Program Instructor

  • Lisa Reynold, Program Instructor

  • Lillie Reiner, Administrative Assistant

  • Rachel Williams, Special Events Assistant

  • Tim Dais, Intern

  • Diane Forchun, Intern

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