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Stirring Statements

Graduates Reflect on Their Development in TEH

Emotional testimonies took center stage at the 2015 Evoluer House graduation ceremony. Several girls shared powerful stories about how the life-changing program touched them personally. Here’s an excerpt of what one graduate had to say:


“The Evoluer House has given me a gift…a very cherished endowment, which is confidence. The Evoluer House has given me something that can’t be bought or learned in a $40,000 a year school. It starts within. And The Evoluer House has ignited the flame of having self-confidence. A type of confidence that doesn’t depend on my surroundings or who is surrounding me. And I will never let that flame go dim.”


—Janayjah, Evoluer House Class of 2015

Empowerment programs for girls in Philadelphia. | The Evoluer House

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