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Philadelphia's Youth STD Crisis: Helping Girls Make Informed Decisions About Sex

We equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice. | The Evoluer Houe

Evoluer Girls are now in the know thanks to the fantastic Sexual Health workshops presented by AccessMatters, Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP), and Sexual Health Educator Tracie Gilbert. The organizations and educators participated in awareness sessions on sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV/AIDS during our signature 8-week Personal Development Program.


The rate for gonorrhea and Chlamydia among black adolescents is reportedly 33 times that for white adolescents. With such alarming statistics, we all share the responsibility of teaching our girls to become familiar with the dangers and consequences of STDs. Most teens know the shame and guilt associated with these diseases, but they don’t know that if left untreated, STD can cause serious health issues and even permanent damage. Talk with your teen today. It could save their life tomorrow. Make sure your teen knows the facts about STDs and HIV/AIDS! For resources, visit the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Empowerment programs for girls in Philadelphia. | The Evoluer House

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