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Register for the Highly Anticipated Summer Program.

See Details Below.

Teen Girls Nationwide (Ages 13-18)

Empowering girls to learn, lead, decide and thrive!

The Evoluer House Personal and Professional Development Workshop is a fun, interactive 9-week virtual learning experiences designed to build girls’ self-esteem and capacity for college preparedness, and prepares them for responsible adulthood, economic independence and civic-mindedness. The program is evidence-based, culturally-relevant, gender-responsive and meets participants where they are, acknowledging the reality, and pressures facing so many of today’s girls.


The program will be June 24, 2024 – August 23, 2024

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Thursdays: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


More than 25 engaging topics like:

  • Stackin’ the Benjamins (Financial Literacy)

  • Going to College Like a Savage: Classy, Bougie, Sassy (College Prep)

  • Healthy Girl Summer (Health & Wellness)

  • Globetrotting Scholars (International Education & Careers)

  • How to Acquire a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget


Our series also offers endless opportunities for growth, friendship, and unforgettable experiences.


Teens will receive a text book, class supplies, grooming kit, certificate of completion, the chic Evoluer girl tee shirt and bag, and so much more!


This program is free for those who qualify. (See registration form for details. Click on the below 'Register Now' button.) Others pay a small fee. Space is limited! Deadline to register is June 21, 2024.


Questions? Email or call 215-592-8988.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any child under 18 years old MUST be registered by their parent or legal guardian. 



This program is supported in part by: Grantmakers for Girls of Color, Tides Foundation, Women’s Way, L’Oréal Paris, William Penn Foundation Special Gift Program, abrdn, The Philadelphia Chapter of Chums, Inc. and Evoluer House Supporters.​

As featured on NBC and C-Span, and in Essence, Black Enterprise,

The Vanguard, Hue, Philadelphia Style magazines and more!

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"The Evoluer House has given me a gift … a very cherished endowment, which is confidence. The Evoluer House has given me something that can’t be bought or learned in a $40,000 a year school. It starts within. And The Evoluer House has ignited the flame of having self-confidence. A type of confidence that doesn’t depend on my surroundings or who is surrounding me. And I will never let that flame go dim."

- Janayjah, Evoluer House Alum, Bachelor's Degree,
Civil Engineering and Business Administration, Drexel University


“My daughter was constantly teased and bullied because she was dark-skinned and thick. The Evoluer House’s program did something that I could never have done. It gave my daughter her life back and showed her that she is beautiful inside and out.”

- Resheda H., Parent


“When I arrived at Evoluer House in 2018, I found a home that helped me grow in many aspects, including confidence. Evoluer House is my family. And I’ll always be grateful for the incredible opportunities and experiences I continue to have with them.”

– Jennielee, Evoluer House alum, Journalism Student, Temple University,
and co-host of the podcast, “Girl Truth”
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