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News Calls the Phone Case Design Contest Winners

We're unveiling the latest in tech-accessories with the super-stylish cell phone case designed by Evoluer girls. Pictured left, are the top three winners.


Go to to purchase Evoluer girl's phone case designs.


$5 of your purchase will be donated to The Evoluer House!

Now you can support The Evoluer House with your personal style. We've partnered with, makers of premium-quality cases for electronic devices. You can design your very own cell phone case by adding text, downloading photos, or choosing designs when you log onto Once you've completed your masterpiece, you’ll receive your top-of-the-line case in the mail.
The bonus? For each unit sold, will donate $5 to the Evoluer House and consumers will receive an official receipt for their contribution. By ordering your phone today, you can support Evoluer House in creating bright and bold futures for urban girls in Philadelphia. You're also investing in a company,, that is committed to making a substantial financial contribution to charity. Put those dollars to good use for a great cause!  

Empowerment programs for girls in Philadelphia. | The Evoluer House

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