Girl Truth is Here!

"Girl Truth: What Lens Are You Looking Through" Season II debuted at #3 on Apple Podcasts Spain Non-Profit Chart, and the 1st episode, "Introducing Asiyah," debuted at #5 on Apple Podcasts Spain Non-Profit Episode Chart!

"Girl Truth" Co-hosts and associate producer.

"Girl Truth: What Lens Are You Looking Through?" is back for its second season. The critically acclaimed podcast  launched Season II on August 14, the one year anniversary of its original debut. Asiyah Ball joins the original cast of the podcast by girls of color for all; Adina Hill (who returns in the role of Associate Producer), Andrea Doyle, Baiyinah Gough, Janayjah Dunmore, Jennielee Hilario, Kaitlyn Phillips, Laila Green, and Taylor Jones. 


Due to the pandemic, the podcast is now being recorded virtually on the Anchor.FM app. The co-hosts are excited to share their views on current events in The Pandemic and Social Unrest Series. We are equally thrilled to launch our Narrative Episodes - fictional accounts of actual events. These episodes will be available in English, Spanish and French.


The podcast is available on iHeart Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Bullhorn, Player FM, Podknife, Podhero, Podcast Addict, Podcast Guru and Overcast. Most links can be accessed from our hosting site at

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